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Tiffany meets Mission style lamp. Is this wrong?

I really don’t know about this. When I was searching around various lighting websites today, I came across a few examples of ‘hybrid’ table lamps. They were roughly the shape of a mission style lamp, but they were as ornate as a Tiffany style lamp. I won’t post any pictures here, because I don’t own any, but do a quick search and you’ll find lots of examples (or just press the following link:

To me, both styles are beautiful in their own distinct way, but they are very different styles. Tiffany style table lamps are ornate, with lots of organic details and flourishes. Mission style was opposed to such opulence, and therein lies its beauty. Putting them together doesn’t feel quite right.

And yet… some of the examples seem to work quite well! I particularly like when the stained glass lamp shade uses simple geometric shapes (although one could argue that such a style moves away from the organic lines of a true Tiffany piece). Others may prefer examples that lean more towards the ornate. Either way, we live in interesting times, where there is such a rich history of table lamp design to draw from, and adapt to create a new aesthetic!

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Halloween Table Lamp

Well, Halloween is fast approaching once again, and one of the most famous table lamps of all will be making an appearance: the Jack O’Latern!

If you’ve got kids, they may be old enough to start carving up a pumpkin into weird and wonderful faces, and putting a little night light into it. For very young kids, it’s better to leave all that to the grown-ups!

But all is not lost: a quick search on eBay turned up a few cute ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Halloween table lamps, complete with cute, friendly ghosts and pumpkins.

As I write this, there are 5 days left to bid, so check it out at:

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