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Guide to buying the best table lamp for your home

So you want to buy a table lamp for your home, but don’t know where to start?

This quick guide goes into everything from choosing the perfect surface area, to figuring out where the power outlets are. Common sense stuff in many ways, but it’s not unusual for people to buy a lovely new table lamp, and then find that they also need to get an additional power extension lead!

I have to admit, I don’t necessarily agree with everything here. For a start, cheap table lamps can be a great buy, but it’s good to get other opinions too!


Space Age Table Lamps


Oh boy, if you’re a fan of the golden age of space exploration back in the ’60s and ’70s, you’ll love this exhibition of retro table lamps designed in the same period.

Swooping curves, brightly colored plastics and shapes that are out of this world!

The exhibition runs until 5th September in the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy. If you can’t make it, check out the pictures anyway at their website:

Chandelier Table Lamp anyone?

So, somebody here is looking for a chandelier, but without the hassle of attaching it to the ceiling. A nice crystal table lamp is the answer!

A few people have given suggestions for some really beautiful examples. Maybe you can help too? Go to

Are Mission Lamps Expensive?


Here’s the dilemma: you love the handcrafted, mission style of craftsmanship… but your credit card has already weathered some bad times. What do you do about your table lamps lighting dreams?

Thankfully, there are budget brands available, so you can still get the mission lamp look you crave, without breaking the bank!

Table Lamps Lighting

The lighting that comes with most houses is practical, but you can do so much better. When you consider how expensive many home improvements are, the simple addition of table lamps lighting is an easy way to give your rooms some much needed character and ambience.

At a basic level, a table lamp can provide a relaxed ambient light, great for reading in bed, watching TV or having a meal. After that, it can serve as a decorative touch, with a crysal or stained glass lamp shade providing a beautiful atmosphere. Because a table lamp is easily moved around, you can also use it to provide accent lighting to different areas of your room. For example, highlight a painting, or even a feature wall.

That’s just the beginning. Join me in future blog posts to look at the wonderful world of table lamps lighting!